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ImageManufacturerProductItemsConditionPrice / Item (EUR)Details
Sonywireless microphone System1120.00Show
PIONEERD-05 DAT-Recorder1250.00Show
NexoNX.ES104 NXAMP Ethersound Card3250.00Show
RodecMX180 Disco-Mixer1600.00Show
NexoGeo S 8303999.00Show
NEXOAmp, Nexo, NXAMP 4x4C DANTE115000.00Show
EclerHAK 320 DJ-Mixer inkl. Case1150.00Show
L-acousticsARCS II / SB28 Komplettset incl. LA-RAK129500.00Show
DigicoES8 Ethersound card3599.00Show
BeyerdynamikMCE 52150.00Show
YamahaStagepas 1K Komplettset inkl. Trolley, Beta 58A uvm...11008.40Show
SennheiserSKM 300-865 G2 D-Band2150.00Show
SennheiserSK 300 G2 D-Band Bodypack1150.00Show
Digico Adat card1120.00Show
SHUREWL 51 B150.00Show
NexoPS10 R2 4er Set22700.00Show
NexoPS15 R2 2er Set62100.00Show
L-acoustics5XT Set incl Case1900.00Show
NexoPS8 from 12/2019 2er Set incl Case21100.00Show
NexoPS10 Flying frame set incl case3300.00Show
NexoPS10 R2 2er Set incl. Case61400.00Show
NexoLS, Nexo, 45 N12, Linemonitor, 2er Set81800.00Show
Klein + HummelE60 ELA amplifier189.00Show
YamahaYDG 20301150.00Show
DrawmerDS 201589.00Show
HK AudioAC 22 Controller1100.00Show
NIESNE150-EW-3 Headset with 3,5mm jack340.00Show
CamcoAR DU 8P1100.00Show
NexoPS15 R2 TD Controller incl Camco Vortex 200V amp11550.00Show
L-acousticsARCS II35600.00Show
WhirlwindMedusa 16/4 Stagebox 25m160.00Show
ShureA98KCS clamp for SM/Beta 98429.00Show
CADCAD90 microphone155.00Show
ShurePG57 microphone135.00Show
ShureSM 98 Microphone160.00Show
NexoAlpha PA System incl amping121900.00Show
DPA4066-OL-A-F34-LH Headset2260.00Show
L-acousticsKilo Line Array LF Speaker 2er sets2999.00Show
ApartSDQ5P active speaker set165.00Show
-DVD Player Set150.00Show
Audience DelightAD-1000 DC active crossover1150.00Show
ShureULX1-R4 Bodypacks2100.00Show
DBXZC8-EU control wall panel450.00Show
DBXZC3-EU Wall-Mounted Zone Controller140.00Show
CrownAmprack 1x I-Tech 4000, 1x XTi 4000 incl rack and panel11550.00Show
DigicoSD9 Core 2 incl. Case19500.00Show
DigicoSD11i digital mixer17000.00Show
DigicoSD5 Core 2 incl Case and SD-Rack, 56/40, Waves Integration166000.00Show
DigicoDigi-Rack 48/16 incl. Rack12000.00Show
-2HE patchpanel190.00Show
SennheiserAB2-E antenna booster240.00Show
Camtec24 Pol Cacom Patchpanel7140.00Show
T.C. electronicsM5000 digital audio Mainframe11100.00Show
Nexo05HPB15-NF Speaker for PS15 R21300.00Show
Nexo05HP18SW-8 Bass for RS18, reconed1850.00Show
Camco/NexoAmprack incl. Q10 and DTD Controller22700.00Show
CamcoEtherCAI Modul1180.00Show
CamcoVortex 200V11400.00Show
CrownI-Tech 400011000.00Show
JBLEon 615 Set incl bags1600.00Show
YamahaMY8-AD analog card1150.00Show