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Mainia EF 4 Licht FX

Brand Amount Size Weight Contition Age
Martin 1 300x300x200 (m) 15KG (kg) 03/2009

Martin Mania EF 4 is a stunning effect light that offers maximum value for money, to be used anywhere people want to have fun, wherever decorative and attractive lighting is required.

100 W halogen lamp
800 hour lamp included
Front surface color coated mirrors on reflector dish giving 18 brilliant beams of light
Manual focus
Auto or Music triggered
Continuous operation - no cool down time needed
Eight metal gobos with colors
All major safety approvals CE, ETL and CETL
Rigorously tested for total reliability

Price is net.,without shipping

69.00 Euro + TAX

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created 29.10.2018 - last update 29.10.2019

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