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Scan Commander

Brand Amount Size Weight Contition Age
MA 1 (m) (kg) 03/2006

The MA SCANCOMMANDER features perfect and easy control of most DMX
512 compatible moving lights and multifunctional fixtures. Up to 16 units can
be controlled simultaneously.
Main features of the MA SCANCOMMANDER:
- Access to colours, gobos etc. via labelled buttons.
- Programming of selective scenes with - for example - fixed positions but
new colours.
- Transformation of all programs to different stages and different types of
- Followspot via Trackball with several different fixtures.
- Slow fades with freely selectable trigpoint for colours, gobos etc.
- Direct access to all functions during running scenes.
- Fader for direct control of brightness.
- Remote inputs for touchboards, DMX 512, MIDI Sound and SMPTE Time
- Unlimited number of fixtures by docking several MA SCANCOMMANDERS.
- Simultaneous control of different types of lighting fixtures.
- Additional 96 channels for dimming or color changers.

499.00 Euro + TAX

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