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MCTRL660 LED Videowall Controller

Brand Amount Size Weight Contition Age
Novastar 3 (m) 20 (kg) 2018

The MCTRL660 is an independent controller of NovaStar. The maximum loading capacity of a single controller is 1920?1200@60Hz. Multiple controllers can be cascaded via RS232 port for uniform control.

1 ? DVI input
1 ? HDMI input
4 ? Gigabit Ethernet outputs
Supports the new generation of NovaStar calibration technology, which is fast and efficient.
Supports resolutions up to 1920?1200@60Hz and downward compatibility.
Multiple controllers can be cascaded.
Supports 18-bit grayscale processing and display.
Manual screen brightness adjustment, which is fast and convenient
Quick screen configuration without using a computer.
Adopts an innovative architecture to implement smart screen configuration, allowing a screen to be configured within 30 seconds and greatly shortening the stage preparation time.
Adopts NovaStar G4 engine to realize a perfect display image with no flickering or scanning lines, as well as fine quality and good sense of depth.
Supports a variety of video formats, as described in Figure 2-1.

Price is net. exwork per pcs, 3 pcs available.

650.00 Euro + TAX

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