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PS8 pair

Brand Amount Size Weight Contition Age
Nexo 2 03,, x 0,62 x 0,55 (m) (kg) 2016

2x PS8 with 2x flyware

High performance system (125 dB peak SPL @ 1m) with new 8 LF and 1 HF neodymium drivers, low magnetic emission, low weight (7.5kg, 16.5 lbs) and negligible magnetic dispersion ,
Rotatable asymmetric horn and special housing construction ensure unparalleled versatility. User customizable for either PA or stage monitoring tasks.
Passive two-way 8? design requires only a single power amp channel, resulting in a more straightforward installation and lower cost.
Sophisticated control electronics ensure reliable operation and a linear reproduction. Supported by a wide range of mounting and flying accessories.

Transmission range [a] 69Hz-19kHz ? 3dB
Usable range @ -6 dB [a] 62Hz-20kHz
Sound pressure 1 W @ 1 m [b] 96 dB SPL (characteristic) - 94 dB SPL (broadband)
SPL @ 1 m [b] nominal value 122 to 125dB peak
HF scattering (dispersion) [c] 50 ? to 100 ? Hor. x 55 ? vert. rotatable horn, 4 positions
Directivity Q: 10 nominal DI: 10 dB nominal (f> 1.8 kHz)
Crossover Crossover frequency 2.5 kHz Passive
Nominal impedance 8?
Recommended gain 200 to 500 W / 8 ?
Price per set

1200.00 Euro + TAX

created 22.05.2015 - last update 14.05.2019

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