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Supertracer 2500 HTI DMX

Brand Amount Size Weight Contition Age
SAGITTER 2 0,6m x 1,4m x 0,73m (m) 130kg (kg) 2007

Follow Spot + Case + Stand

Tracker for variable distances of 15 - 150 meters
manual zoom, variably adjustable from 7.4 to 15.6 exit angle
Quality lenses antireflex coated on both sides
electronically controlled focus (sharpness)
electronically controlled iris, low noise with blackout
exact working, mechanical dimmer
7 dichroic colors + white, also available as semi-colors
Rainbow color effect
2 color correction filters: 3200 ? K and 6000 ? K
Color filter frame for standard gels available as an option
Gobo holder with rotation optionally available
Frost filter for soft-beam projection
Tracer function: allows the generation of a dimmed search point
Operation via integrated control console or externally via DMX (also mixed - freely selectable functions are controlled externally via a DMX console, the other functions remain controllable via the integrated console)
Master-slave function in combination of several super tracers possible
optimal weight balance of the device
external ballast
Hour meter
Safety Switch - cuts the lamp circuit when the unit is opened
Thermo-Safety Switch - interrupts the circuit at excessive operating temperature
Cooling via very low-noise fan
Compensation installed: power consumption of the device = 13.9 A.
Illuminant: HTI 2500 W SE

999.00 Euro + TAX

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