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Conference 1 one

Brand Amount Size Weight Contition Age
SHURE 1 (m) (kg) 01/2007

Microphone arm
Fold-out arm with telescopic microphone.

Headphone volume control
Adjusts the headphone volume.

Illuminates when the microphone of the
console is active. Blinks in manual mode
if the PTT button is pressed and the
maximum number of microphones is
already active.

Daisy chain sockets
Minicon socket for connection and
through-connection of the console bus.
The sockets are interchangeable; either
one may be used as an input or an output.

Headphone socket
1/8? stereo headphone socket.
The console speaker switches off when you
connect headphones.

Transmits the sum signal from the
conference system. The loudspeaker
automatically switches off when the local
microphone is activated.

PTT button
Activates the microphone in manual mode,
serves as Mute button (push to cough) in
automatic mode

500.00 Euro + TAX

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